Payment Services

We are a fee-for-service practice. Therefore, payment is due at each appointment.

For those who have insurance, we will verify your eligibility and estimate your insurance co-payment. As a courtesy we will bill your insurance company for you and wait for the expected payment to arrive from the insurance company so you don’t have to lay out the money and then get reimbursed. We will respond to any inquiries or requests from your insurance company to assist with the processing with the claim. You will be responsible for any remaining non-covered fees at the time of service. This may involve a deductable and/or a co-pay, which varies by plan and by procedure performed. If our estimate of your benefits is incorrect, you will be responsible for the balance if we underestimated the expected insurance payment or we will issue a refund to you if the insurance paid more than we expected. Please remember that the financial obligation for dental treatment is between you and this office. Also, you are ultimately responsible for knowing your insurance plan and communicating with your insurance company should any questions regarding eligibility or benefit allowances arise. It is also your responsibility to be aware of any changes that may occur with your dental insurance coverage. We will certainly do our best to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. We also offer third party financing up to a 5-year repayment term for those who may be interested. Please don’t hesitate to discuss any financial concerns with us prior to the start of treatment.