3 Dental Procedures You May Not Know About That Can Change the Way You Look

dental proceduresIn a recent survey of dental patients, 32% reported being “concerned” about how their teeth looked. Given the prevalence of cavities, gum disease, and missing or broken teeth among most adults, it’s no wonder that some people wish they had better smiles. Even services like teeth whitening are in demand, according to 88.8% of orthodontists, to give patients’ teeth a brighter, whiter appearance.

Yet there are plenty of other dental procedures out there that can change the look of teeth — beyond simple dental cleanings, fillings and professional whitening treatments. You may not have heard of these three dental procedures before, but if you’ve been unsatisfied with your teeth, then you may want to ask a cosmetic dentist for more information:

    • Porcelain Veneers: Want a whiter smile with long-lasting results? If traditional whitening methods haven’t worked for you, or if you have teeth with permanent damage or discoloration, then porcelain veneers may be what you’ve been waiting for. Veneers are set over the fronts of the teeth to give your smile a more naturally radiant appearance, and they can also correct the shape of teeth to look more even.
    • Dental Implants: While around 15 million American adults have used crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth, there’s a newer option that more closely resembles your natural teeth: dental implants. Around 3 million Americans have received dental implants to replace one or more of their teeth, and about 500,000 more people join their ranks each year. With a 98% success rate according to current scientific literature, dental implants are a permanent replacement for damaged, decayed or, missing teeth, and they are cared for just like real ones.
  • Invisalign: Have you always wanted braces but couldn’t afford them when you were younger? If you’re an adult who wants straighter teeth, but you want a discreet treatment for the issue, then using a system like Invisalign may be the answer. These clear trays are molded to the shape of your teeth and swapped out every couple of weeks to slowly correct alignment and bite issues over time. This is an ideal alternative for adults who want neater smiles without the tightening and invasive nature of traditional orthodontic treatments.

Have more questions about these three dental procedures? Make sure to contact us to find out what you can do to feel better about your teeth.