A New Tool To Assist In The Detection of Oral Cancer

velscopeWe would like to introduce the VELscope Vx. This is a diagnostic tool used to aid in the detection or oral abnormalities. The VELscope Vx is currently the most powerful and conservative tool available for assisting in the discovery of these conditions. The VELscope’s distinctive blue-spectrum light causes the soft tissues of the mouth to naturally fluoresce. Healthy tissues fluoresce in distinctive patterns — patterns that are visibly disrupted by trauma or disease. Using the VELscope, a wide variety of oral abnormalities can be discovered — often before they’re visible to the unassisted eye. Because the VELscope Vx assists in early detection, cancer can be caught before it has time to spread, potentially saving lives through less invasive, more effective treatment.

Used on a regular basis, the VELscope Vx helps dental professionals find a wide variety of soft-tissue abnormalities, allowing practices to aspire to an advanced level of patient care. The VELscope Vx is:

  • completely safe
  • simple to use
  • no unpleasant rinses or stains
  • entire exam in about two minutes.

For more information, please visit their website, http://www.velscope.com/ . You will see a video from Dr. Oz promoting the virtues of this item on one of his recent shows. Ask us about the VELscope Vx at your next visit.