Top Tips for Men To Visit their Dentist

  • Detection of Periodontal Disease
    A recent survey found that 34 percent of males ages 30 to 54 and 56 percent of males ages 55 to 90 have periodontitis—a much
    larger number than females. Characterized by bleeding gums, stained teeth and shifting teeth and gums, periodontal disease has
    been linked to heart and kidney diseases.
  • Detection of Oral Cancer
    Men are affected twice as often as women by oral cancer and each year an estimated 7,800 people die from oral cancer.
    Characterized by white or discolored lesions in the oral cavity called leukoplakia, a routine dental exam is the best line of d
    for early detection.
  • Detection of Dry Mouth
    Since men are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, they also are more likely to be on medications that can cause dry mouth.
    If you take medication for the heart or blood pressure, or if you take anti-depressants, your salivary flow could be inhibited,
    increasing the risk for dental caries and causing difficulty in tasting, chewing and swallowing. A dentist can diagnose this
    condition and prescribe treatment.